Made in the USA


Now more than ever, companies are looking to keep jobs in the USA. If you’re a family-owned business looking to come up with some made in the USA promotional concepts for a merger with another company we have some rebranding ideas for you.  

The Announcement
A luncheon or open house is the perfect way to announce the merger and incorporate the newly formed entity's logo and brand. At such an event, company leaders will talk about the new initiative and their combined products and services. First you will need to provide notifications. You can mail out a standard invitation or use a more unique direct mailer such as a postcard-type packet with seeds inside, sending the message of "Growing Together."

The Event
For the luncheon you will need products that can be used at the event and taken home as a reminder of the newer, better, stronger brand. Hand out coffee mugs or high-quality plastic tumblers for cold beverages and complementary cocktail napkins and drink stirrers imprinted with the new logo and slogan.

Small Gifts
Reward customers for loyalty and make sure they stay with you after the merger by providing inexpensive and practical incentives. Shoe polish is a great way to remind customers of your “shining service”. Get creative, key tags imprinted with “let’s unlock our potential,” magnets saying “let's stick together” or calendars with the message “pencil us in for great ideas” are a unique way to impress your most valued customers.

The Announcement
4" x 5" - Acrylic Invitations - Color Printed
Magnet 30 Mil - Rectangle w/Oval Center - Full Color
Seed Paper Event Card
Wedding Keepsake Heart Bookmark
The Event
Upright Rectangle Top Drink Stirrer
12 oz. Bling Glamour Mug
Chocolate Gourmet Mints
Small Gifts
Full Color Handy Hugger
2 oz. Round Tin Soy Candle (Cinnamon) - Eco friendly
SPF 15 Clip Balm
Deluxe Calendar with Thermometer
Quick Shine Shoe Care Kit